Liberica Coffee Pod

Rp 156.000/Box

Rp 932.000/Carton

Coffee Liberica is a species of coffee that is also known as Liberica Coffee or Liberian Coffee. This coffee species was first discovered in Liberia, West Africa in 1843. The bean was brought to the Philippines and planted in Lipa by the Spaniards during the Spanish colonial era in the 1800s. The plant was also brought to Indonesia at the end of the 19th century to replace the Arabica trees destroyed by the coffee rust disease.

Nowadays, most of the Liberica coffee trees grow in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, while some others grow in West Africa and India. However, only nearly 1% of Liberica Coffee is traded in coffee trading around the world. This beautiful long-living plant is very strong, lush with fruits and seeds that double in proportion size to those of Arabica and Robusta species. A sweet berry-like acidity appears and adapts with the chocolate to create a flavor similar to Madagascar chocolate, which has a sweet aftertaste. Furthermore, Liberica has the highest caffeine levels among coffee bean varieties.

 Packaging  1 Box (18 Sachet); 1 Carton (6 x 18 Sachet)
 Weight  0.15 kg
 Tagline  Unique and Exceptional
 Roasting  Medium Dark Roast
 Origin  Indonesia