Kintamani Coffee Pod

Rp 169.000/Box

Rp 1.013.000/Carton

Welcome to the ‘Paradise’ of Southeast Asia, the wonderful island of Bali. Beyond its exquisite scenic beauty, Bali also cultivates a premium grade Arabica coffee, which has become a very important industry in Bali. Grown at the altitude of 900 feet above sea level, the Arabica coffee beans are organically cultivated on the fertile volcanic region of Kintamani. The Bali farmers are members of a farming system that contributes to the international fair trade.

The Kintamani coffee is exceptional for its distinguished sweet orange flavor that is simply irresistible. The Coffesso ‘dry’ medium-roasted process enriches the authenticity of the Kintamani coffee beans with a sweet aroma of roasted nut, brown sugar, and caramel. Taste the Coffesso Kintamani coffee, and experience delicate sweetness, mellow bitterness and balanced acidity, altogether. It is a great refreshing all-around coffee, which allows coffee connoisseurs to experience a little taste of ‘paradise’, anytime.

 Packaging  1 Box (18 Sachet); 1 Carton (6 x 18 Sachet)
 Weight  0.2 kg
 Tagline  Paradise Delight
 Serving  Espresso, Long Black
 Roasting  Medium Roast
 Origin  Indonesia