Mandailing Coffee Pod

Rp 169.000/Box

Rp 1.013.000/Carton

Discover a cup of rich-flavor black coffee, especially made for you to complete your day. Carefully selected from the first grade single-origin coffee, the Mandailing coffee is the best one that Sumatra can offer. It has the ultimate combination of mellow bitterness, medium acidity and round body intensity.

The unique name comes from the Mandailing people of Sumatra, who cultivate and process the coffee beans at the mountain range of 2,500 to 5,000 feet above sea level. The Mandailing coffee consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans characterized by their dark color, cacao flavor and sweet cherry finish.

The Coffesso Mandailing, a perfect blend of sweet-dark chocolate, creamy-velvety texture with floral vanilla aroma. Highlighted by a spicy-savory sensation, the Coffesso Mandailing coffee is the ultimate ‘must-try’ Indonesian coffee for its complexity and all-around taste.

 Packaging  1 Box (18 Sachet); 1 Carton (6 x 18 Sachet)
 Weight  0.2 kg
 Tagline  Spice and Fragrant
 Serving  Espresso, Long Black
 Roasting  Medium Dark Roast
 Origin  Indonesia