Special Price

Papua Coffee Pod

Rp 169.000/Box

Rp 1.013.000/Carton

Nourished by Mother Nature, the ‘blue mountain’ coffee beans of Papua are grown on the highland mountain plateau of Wamena, Indonesia. At an elevation of 5000 feet above sea level, these coffee beans are cultivated in an ideal climate with abundant rainfall, perfect temperatures, and rich soil. The perfect environment allows the Papua coffee beans to maintain their natural heritage: sweet, savory and uniquely delicious. The delightful classic flavors are then embellished with floral and fruity hints of the surrounding plateau, giving rise to a coffee that is distinctively exceptional.

Coffesso Papua coffee enhances the original taste of the Papua coffee with its medium roasted, buttery-chocolate, smooth-velvety texture and a touch of citrus finish. In harmony, Coffesso Papua coffee blends the light bitter-sweet taste and moderate acidity; all characteristics that coffee lovers desire in a perfect bold and ‘balanced’ cup of espresso.

 Packaging  1 Box (18 Sachet); 1 Carton (6 x 18 Sachet)
 Weight  0.15 kg
 Tagline  Bold and Balanced
 Roasting  Medium Dark Roast
 Origin  Indonesia