Java Island was among one of the first areas where coffee plants were cultivated during the Dutch colonial era in the early sixteenth century. It is considered as the ‘legendary’ coffee of Indonesia for its clean and unique taste profile. Coffesso’s Java Mocha is a perfect blend of the best Arabica grown at 700+ MASL. Java Mocha has a pleasant profile of brown sugar, as well as a hint of soft fruity aromas. It is of mild acidity with a medium body and enriched cocoa aftertaste.

Smooth-velvety character, jovial acidity, moderate bitterness with a hint of almond and vanilla aftertaste that promotes a mocha sensation, sweet aftertaste. Grind suggestion: Fine



One of the world’s legendary Arabica Coffees come from Indonesia. Preanger Coffee Bean, Typica Cultivar originates in Garut, a regency in West Java Province, 900m above sea level on the Mount Cikurai Volcano (over 2.800m high). The volcano is part of the Parahiangan Mountain plateau in the west part of Java Island, where a prosperous kingdom called Soenda lies. This Soenda Coffee is unique in its berry-like fruity notes of Arabica beans that features a rich, smooth body with a sweet aftertaste. It has a medium-to-strong intensity cherished with a savory floral flavor, produced by a semi-washed coffee production method and is roasted with a medium level coffee roast. Since the Dutch colonial era, it has been an all time favorite and traded around the world.

Sweet caramelic aroma with hints of sweet berry aftertaste. Method serving suggestion V60. Grind suggestion: Medium coarse


Arabica Coffee grows well in the Gayo Highlands due to “Tanah Gayo”, as well as in the south-eastern part of Aceh, Gayo Lues, and the district of Pidie at a Coffee Plantation — 1300 m above sea level, with an annual rainfall of 1643-2000 mm/year, which is favorable for coffee plants. Ever since the 19th century, families in the Gayo area have cultivated coffee to make up almost 90% of their income. Further elevating this coffee is the utilization of the Giling Basah process, where only the ripest, red coffee cherries are picked. This is the reason Gayo coffee, as it’s known for, has a significant blue-green color that differentiates it from other coffees in the world. Not to mention, Gayo Coffee is grown organically without chemicals, and therefore is also known as Green Coffee (environmentally friendly). All these details allow Gayo Coffee to be touted as one of the best organic coffees in the world.

Floral aroma with hints of spices chocolaty aftertaste. Method serving V60 and mochapot. Grind suggestion: Fine



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