Enjoy coffee from different origins.

Coffee is one of the greatest things nature has ever give to human civilization. Coffee beans harvested from different tropical origins in the world, known as ‘the coffee belt’, is carefully picked and roasted at specific controlled heat and time, grinded and brewed as a beverage. It is a dark colored liquor with a pleasant-roasted aroma.

Nowadays, coffee has become a social trend; instead of a habit or routine, drinking coffee has become an enjoyable and relaxing moment. Other reason as to why people love coffee so much is because coffee holds caffeine contents with medicinal value that boosts up energy and nerve systems. A quality cup of Coffee is defined from its extraction process; the result of the extraction is called Espresso. It also becomes the base of other coffee-drinks (Espresso Based Coffee Drinks).


For true coffee enthusiasts, Espresso is the ultimate way to experience the spirit of coffee. Espresso is basically a concentrated coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under certain pressure through finely ground coffee. It is meant to last a brief few seconds, giving you several intense sips of bliss that characterize the day-to-day rhythm of life among nearly all Italians and millions of other people around the world. For all coffee lovers, Espresso is the essence of coffee and Espresso is the definition of perfection in a shot.

"For true coffee enthusiasts, Espresso is the ultimate way to experience the spirit of coffee"


Coffee is grown in different parts of the world. Coffee beans from different places have different characteristics such as flavor, caffeine content, body and acidity. To satisfy all coffee lovers, Coffesso comes with their coffee pods. Coffesso offers a fresh, high quality coffee, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy coffee from different origins and experience a coffee journey without necessarily going around the world searching for it. coffee beans sourced directly from different origins, carefully selected and packed into pods to keep the freshness of the coffee. Therefore, Coffesso is able to give coffee lovers a fresh homemade coffee with the same quality as those brewed by professional cafes.