Sweet and Bright


Indonesian Series

Sulawesi, formerly known as the ‘Celebes’, lies in the heart of the Indonesian Archipelago, where the Celebes ‘Arabica’ coffee beans are cultivated. Grown and harvested in the mountain region of Sulawesi, the Celebes coffee beans are well known for their rich-flavor and fresh natural aroma.

People enjoy the Coffesso Celebes coffee for its full-bodied texture, low acidity and sweet-chocolate-roast taste. These flavors are a result of the Coffesso’s refined ‘wet’ processing, which enhances the authenticity of the Celebes coffee beans to its fullness.

Indulge yourself in this delightful Coffesso Celebes coffee and embark on a beautiful journey to the heart of the Indonesian Archipelago. Its authentic sweet rich flavor texture will satisfy and leave you with a desire for more.

Recommended serving: as Espresso & Long Black

Roasting Level:
Medium Roast
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The Coffee Beans Origin

Indonesia (Sulawesi)

Packaging Available

  • Box 18 Sachet
  • Carton 6 x 18 Sachet
  • Drawer Carton 150 Sachet