Soothing and Indulging
Coffesso “Decaf” is decaffeinated coffee which has excellent taste and a rich body with thick crema. Our Decaf coffee is made from high quality African, Central and South American beans, carefully selected to give the best result. Coffesso uses a natural decaf process that extracts the caffeine and applies the EU standard of having the beans 99,9% caffeine free. Coffesso Decaf has a dark roast profile with a 60 - 40 blend of Arabica and Robusta. The aroma and body retains the balance, distinctive aroma and clean flavor of a classical coffee; with this, it makes the perfect company to your Espresso Quest.

Recommended serving: as Espresso, Long Black & Coffee Latte

The freshly roasted ground Coffee is hard tamped into single portioned pods. It is wrapped in food-grade coffee filters that preserves its aroma and freshness.
It’s an E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) Pods with 44mm diameter for standard pod espresso machines. Net weight 7g e 0,24oz/pod.
Can be used with the (E.S.E) standard coffee pod machine and or with pod portafilter basket adaptor for professional coffee machine.