Strong and Persistent


House Blends

“Exotic” is one of Coffesso’s house blends. It is an excellent multi-region blend of first-class row Arabica and Robusta beans selected from its best origins, and is slowly roasted separately, mixed into a perfect blend. Exotic has a rich body and aroma with a hint of caramel. It leaves a strong and balance mouth feels with an elegant dark chocolaty note.

What make the profile of this coffee exotic are the beautiful dark roast beans and the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta. This composition of 30% Arabica gives a lively characteristic and subtle fragrance in Exotic while the rest of the composition, 70% Robusta, contributes a long-lasting rich body with superior crema.

It really needs the right accuracy and skill of a coffee master to create these blends. The roasting process is very challenging since quality is the main focus. After roasting and cooling, beans are then mixed into a perfect blend. The strong and persistent characteristic of Exotic stands out even when mixed with milk, making it the perfect based for a latte or cappuccino at home or any coffee beverage made your way.

Recommended serving: as Capuccino & Ice Capuccino

Roasting Level:
Medium Roast
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The Coffee Beans Origin

South America & Indonesia

Packaging Available

  • Box 18 Sachet
  • Carton 6 x 18 Sachet
  • Drawer Carton 150 Sachet