Coffesso Indonesian Series

As one of the greatest coffee-producer countries, Indonesia offers a wide tasteful range of coffee from different provinces and islands in Indonesia. The Indonesian coffee is well known for its rich-flavored and fresh natural aroma. Spread out throughout the equator, the coffee beans are selected from their original national regions, and carefully packed to preserve its authentic unique characters.

Coffesso Celebes:

Sulawesi, formerly known as the ‘Celebes’, lies in the heart of the Indonesian Archipelago, where the Celebes ‘Arabica’ coffee beans are cultivated. Grown and harvested in the mountain region of Sulawesi, the Celebes coffee beans are well known for their rich-flavored and fresh natural aroma.

Coffesso Papua:

Coffesso Papua enhances the original taste of the Papua coffee with its medium dark roasted, buttery- chocolate, smooth-velvety texture and a touch of citrus finish. In harmony, Coffesso Papua blends the light bitter-sweet taste and moderate acidity; all characteristics that coffee lovers desire in a perfect ‘balanced’ cup of espresso.

Coffesso Mandailing:

The Coffesso Mandailing, a perfect blend of sweet-dark chocolate, creamy-velvety texture with floral vanilla aroma. Highlighted by a spicy-savory sensation, the Coffesso Mandailing coffee is the ultimate ‘must-try’ Indonesian coffee for its complexity and all-around taste.

Coffesso Kintamani:

The Kintamani coffee is exceptional for its distinguished sweet orange flavor that is simply irresistible. The Coffesso’s ‘dry’ medium-roasted process enriches the authenticity of the Kintamani coffee beans with a sweet aroma of roasted nut, brown sugar, and caramel.