Enjoy Cafe’s Quality Coffee at Home with Coffesso Coffee Pod

Coffee is one of the greatest things nature has given to mankind. Coffee beans from different tropical origins in the world, known as ’the Coffee Belt’, are carefully picked and roasted at a specific controlled heat and time. The roasted beans are then ground and brewed, resulting as a dark-colored beverage with a pleasant roasted aroma.

Nowadays, drinking coffee has become a social trend in a society. Instead of a habit or a routine, drinking coffee has emerged as an enjoyable and relaxing moment that busy people strive to have. Additionally, research shows that coffee holds caffeine contents with medical value that boosts up energy and enhances nervous system.

A quality cup of coffee is defined from its extraction process, resulting in the production of espresso, which becomes the base of other coffee beverages (Espresso Based Coffee Drinks).


For true coffee lovers, espresso is the ultimate way to experience the spirit of coffee. Espresso is fundamentally a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee. It is meant to last for a brief few seconds, giving you several intense sips of bliss that characterize your day. For all coffee lovers, espresso is the essence of coffee and the perfection in a shot.


Coffee is grown in different parts of the world. Coffee beans from different places have different characteristics such as flavor, caffeine content, body and acidity. To satisfy all coffee lovers, Coffesso comes with their own coffee pods. Coffesso offers fresh, high quality coffee, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy coffee from different origins and experience a coffee journey without necessarily going around the world searching for it. The coffee beans originate directly from various sources, carefully selected and packed into pods keeping the freshness of the original taste. Hence, Coffesso provides coffee lovers with a fresh aroma of homemade coffee, with the same quality as the one brewed by professional cafe.


Generally, when a pack of coffee is opened, either coffee beans or ground coffee will get oxidized in a matter of days or even hours. A long-term exposure to air and light can turn coffee rancid. Unlike other regular coffee, Coffesso’s coffee pod will not get oxidized. Every pod is packed in an individual sachet flushed with nitrogen; thus, protecting the coffee from oxidation and preserving its freshness.

Brewing a cup of Espresso with Coffesso’s pod is also very simple and convenient, making it perfect to be consumed anywhere, anytime. Coffesso’s coffee pod uses a standardized 44mm diameter Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) hard pod which contains 7 grams of fresh ground coffee.

One sachet of Coffesso’s pod can only produce one shot of espresso (30 ml) or a cup of regular sized coffee (120ml). The extraction is controlled at a specific temperature and flow, producing a very consistent quality and taste.

Coffesso’s coffee pod is the perfect choice to be enjoyed at home, hotels or even offices. Coffee lovers can conveniently drink various cups of espresso without the hassle of storing multiple bags of coffee beans, and having to clean the coffee machine for every change of coffee beans.


Coffesso’s coffee pods offer premium quality coffee with a range of flavors. There are four series of Coffesso’s coffee: Platinum series, Silver series, House Blend series, and Premium series. All series consist of various family types and origins of coffee beans; from the widely known regions (i.e. Arabica and Robusta) to the most unique coffee beans (i.e. Luwak and Blue Mountain).

The Coffesso’s House Blend series offer the perfect blend of characteristics and complexity. The two House Blend coffee brands (i.e. Exotic and Zest) have distinct flavors and characters. ‘Exotic’ blend is a strong, persistent, full-bodied coffee with an elegant dark-chocolate note. It consists of 30% Arabica beans and 70% Robusta beans, roasted in a premium dark-roast style. The Robusta beans, with their thick, creamy, and sweet after taste; perfectly blend with the Arabica’s lively character, creating a well-balanced flavors with a nice, subtle fragrance. Coffesso’s ‘Exotic’ House Blend is perfect for those who seek a dark, creamy, and strong coffee profile.

Coffesso’s ‘Zest’ House Blend, on the other hand, has different characteristics compared to those of Exotic’s. ‘ Zest’ House Blend is made of 100% carefully selected Arabica beans. Why are only Arabica beans? Arabica coffee plants are grown in high altitudes. They require a lot more grooming, because the plants are quite delicate. Hence, both the high altitudes and constant care result in coffee beans that are rich in character and complex in taste, which by far are more superior to Robusta beans. Our unique roasting method enhances ‘Zest’ richness and complexity profile. Its refreshing taste and lively citrus tanginess make ‘Zest’ the perfect choice to be served as espresso or as refreshing iced coffee.

In addition to the House Blend series, Coffesso also provides other broad ranges of profiles and origins, giving coffee lovers varieties of choices to ultimately experience the espresso journey.